Green Oak Commercial Asphalt Contractors

Commercial Asphalt JobGreen Oak Asphalt contractors “Action Asphalt” have been serving the Green Oak area since 1978. We provide Green Oak commercial Asphalt services as well as Green Oak Residential Asphalt services. Our services include:

asphalt paving, re-surfacing, repairs, concrete flat work, seal coating, parking lot striping, sport court and tennis court installation and color coating. Our services cover residential, commercial, industrial, municipal and state needs.

Action Asphalt, LLC is a Michigan based private corporation that has


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are dedicated to bringing Green Oak Michigan the best asphalt Services and offer some pretty big incentives to join our happy family of customers.

Action Asphalt is Pre-qualified for highway work. We are the distributor for Seal Master Products. We are always updating our trucks and equipment and are currently working with two pavers.

Action Asphalt, LLC is an equal opportunity employer. We are fully insured and bonded. A certificate of liability insurance may be obtained by contacting our business office. For your convenience we accept Visa and MasterCard as payment options.

Other Services Include

Green Oak Asphalt Paving
Green Oak Concrete Installation
Green Oak New Asphalt Installation
Green Oak Parking Lot Paving
Green Oak Residential Driveway paving
Green Oak Asphalt repair and maintenance
Green Oak Asphalt Milling
Green Oak Sports Court Installation
Green Oak Tennis Court Installation
Green Oak Asphalt Sealcoating
Green Oak Asphalt Striping and Marking

We Are Members of:

Livingston country Home Builder Association
Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce
Construction Association of Michigan
Michigan Road Builders Association
National Asphalt Pavers Association

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Action Asphalt is Michigan’s best choice and promises to deliver the best Asphalt Services in Green Oak Michigan.